Deep Change Freedom Initiative

This page will also keep being worked on.

We need to bridge the gaps between spirituality, self development, technology and software freedom.

We need people with different backgrounds to have meaningful conversations and we need them to be able to cooperate.

Requirements for this program:

  • No traditional social media for the duration of this program. With an exception for Mastodon/ActivityPub and other freedom loving initiatives.
  • Don’t use any of your old accounts for the duration of this program. We are starting some fresh new things.
  • Any phones, tablets, laptops and other devices are stored away for the duration of this program. Preferably don’t bring them.
  • Instead bring a new fresh laptop. Exact specifications will follow. Probably a System76 Galago Pro or Purism Librem 13 with at least 16 GB of memory.
  • You need to bring a Raspberry pi 4. Exact specifications will follow.
  • You need to bring a Freedombox. Exact specifications will follow.
  • Current minimal fee to join this program is 1000 dollars per person.
  • Minimal amount of paying attendees is 3.
  • You have to be excited with sitting a lot of hours in front of a laptop.
  • The duration is 14 days but you can decide to stay for the entire month at no additional cost.
  • 1 month cost of Airbnb, food and all other costs are shared between paying attendees.

For who?

  • Anyone with a background in Artificial Intelligence
  • Anyone with a background in Free Software
  • Anyone with a background in the Ubuntu community
  • Anyone with a background in the Bentinho Massaro community
  • Anyone with a background in RSD or the men’s self improvement movement in general
  • Anyone who has high open technology goals for this planet
  • Anyone who has high spiritual goals for this planet
  • Anyone who has high sustainability goals for this planet.
  • Anyone who feels excited to do research for the Unity Village project.
  • And you have to be willing to work with people who have different backgrounds as you have.


We’ll create an accelerated environment where we will live together. We will have Freedom Sessions which can focus on an array of different topics. You will also create a new project that will release all it’s works under free licenses or you will work on one of the Unity Village projects (which also releases all it’s works under free licenses ofcourse). We will also have a lot of fun. So it will feel a little bit like an epic LAN party with a dedicated focus. We are setting up an environment where you will do nothing else other than having fun together and executing on projects together. This has the dual purpose of being immersive (so we break the brains normal habits) and also learning how we can have sustainable energy focused on something we love to do. We’ll also learn some hacks for our energy management.

The Deep Change Freedom Initiative is not focussed on business or financial success.

What kind of projects?

Link to some of the Unity Village projects will follow

Other than the Unity Village projects we are only interested in projects that fulfill the following criteria:

  • It fits your calling
  • You feel excited about doing it
  • Something tangible can be created during the Deep Change Freedom Initiative. We don’t want to limit your ways of expressions but here are some examples: Anything that can be published under a free license. It can also be a physical prototype (for example from a Fablab), an event, a crowdfunding project, a design for a city, a 3D model that can be printed, etcetera.

We will help you find a suitable project for you. We will also maintain a list of project ideas (with some metadata). There is no lack of opportunity.


Regarding countries see the Deep Change Intensive

We pick cities that seem suitable on and preferably have co-working spaces, a fablab and interesting meetups nearby our AirBnb. We also want to be nearby organic stores or organic farms.

Draft version of the schedule for the project work:

We’ll also use the latest version of the DCR protocol with some adaptations.

  1. Tone 13. Arrival, shopping trip and buffet.
  2. Tone 1. Selects projects. Determine project goals
  3. Tone 2. Defining the challenge and the critical path to the goals.
  4. Tone 3. Generating solutions to solving these challenges.
  5. Tone 4. Creating action plans to realize the project goals.
  6. Tone 5. Defining what resources are needed for the project
  7. Tone 6. Organizing the resources that are needed.
  8. Tone 7. Evaluate what has been done up till now.
  9. Tone 8. Optimize based on our evaluation.
  10. Tone 9. Extend all that is needed (resources/knowledge/…) to realize the project goals
  11. Tone 10. Realizing a working mock-up / prototype / initial result.
  12. Tone 11. Let go. 13:00-17:00 personal time.
  13. Tone 12. What did we learn from letting go?
  14. Tone 13. Store, commit and backup our project work. Celebrate and have fun😎

What is the daily structure? (draft version)

    • 7:00 sleep or quiet time (no talking). Schedule any physical exercise here. Laptops stay turned off until at least 7:00. Use paper for ideas before 7:00 if needed. Don’t turn on any lights where someone is sleeping.
    • 8:00 to 10:00 morning routine. (Even after partying)
    • 10:00 to 12:00 Freedom Session
    • 12:00 to 13:00 Deep Change personal homework or personal time
    • 13:00 to 17:00 project work
    • 17:00 to 21:00 gaming and/or food.
    • 21:00 to 0:00 gaming. Otherwise rest/sleeping (and no blue lights).
    • 0:00 (or earlier) turn off laptops and lights.
    • 0:00 to 8:00 sleep/resting/parties on some days (strategically planned)

Example topics for the freedom sessions:

  • Unity Village projects and other project ideas
  • Software Freedom
  • Open Hardware
  • Security and privacy basics
  • Programming in Python basics
  • Using Ubuntu basics
  • Ubuntu Server basics
  • Raspberry Pi basics
  • Freedombox basics
  • Tensorflow and A.I. basics
  • Calling, deep change and empowerment
  • Meditation self-realization path basics.
  • Spiritual Lingo
  • Future visions from a spiritual perspective
  • Current global opportunities and challenges
  • Pioneering beyond the collective
  • Unity Village vision
  • Finding suitable existing Free Software to use
  • Cold approach and social skills basics (the freedom to approach anyone).
  • ActivityPub and Mastodon basics
  • Radical Health and developing the DCR Protocol
  • My current views on sustainable farming for the Unity Village

Attendees can also reach out if they want to host a Freedom session during their Freedom Initiative. An attendee might have deeper knowledge in a certain area. Together we have so much skills and knowledge!

I will also be creating sponsorship systems for most of the projects I’m creating. Sponsorship is probably for one of the next iterations of the Deep Change Freedom Initiative unless you want to sponsor someone right now. Then contact me and we’ll have a conversation.


  • The price is so low because all paying attendees share the price of food, Airbnb and other living costs so I don’t have any living costs for myself (and any other people I want to bring in).
  • The basic conditions are the same as for the Deep Change Intensive other than that this program has a minimum of 3 paying attendees and no upper limit other than the size of the AirBnb.

Comparing the Deep Change Intensive with the Deep Change Freedom Initiative

  • Similar cost other than that the Deep Change Freedom Initiative requires you to invest in some new hardware which makes the Freedom Initiative a bigger investment.
  • Deep Change Intensive is more focused on personal growth
  • Deep Change Freedom Initiative is more focused on creating new freedom projects.
  • Deep Change Freedom Initiative requires you to clear your schedule for the duration of the program (not for week 3 and week 4 if you stay the whole month) whereas you have the Deep Change Intensive Schedule gives you some flexibility between 13:00 and 17:00 in the daily schedule (0-4 hours per day).
  • You will get all the same bonuses for both of these programs.

Some additional benefits of the Deep Change Freedom Initiative:

  • We are learning more about optimizing environments for creating meaningful work and learning skills
  • We are learning a lot for the Unity Village
  • We are creating projects that align with the Unity Village vision.
  • We are creating meaningful conversations between people with different backgrounds who have a lot to offer.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have specific technical skills? No. But you have to feel a passion for spending a lot of time in front of your laptop. Open technology is a focus on this program.

How do I apply?

Contact me directly at

Do you have any feedback or questions ?

Contact me directly at

I am motivated to keep fine tuning this program and blog post.

Also contact me if you feel excited about the Unity Village and you want to do marketing on a provision basis. I have a lot of projects I am researching and executing on but no excitement to do more marketing than my my current level. So you can make us a lot of money while I can focus on the things I love to do. You are helping the Unity Village by earning a provision.