On a mission to create a unity village in Latin America.

I have my background primarily in self-development, artificial intelligence, free software, spirituality, community management, open source consultancy, coaching and cold approach “game”. I have acquired some insight and/or skills in a lot of other areas including some unconventional pioneering. In later blog posts I will share more about my background. Including some radical perspectives on health and the current state of this planet.

For the unity village:

Open technology, high spiritual goals and deep change in a dedicated living environment in an area rich with nature. Think fablab(s), biolab(s), free software, artificial intelligence, sustainable farming, etcetera. We’ll probably have a code of conduct and sociocracy. Always open to better.

Researching and preparing together. Then splitting in two groups. One group in seclusion from society for at least 10 years. Sharing all our blueprints in an open source way in 2035. At least 40.000 people living in Unity Villages in South+Central America by 2047.

Sharing insights, challenges, recommendations, book recommendations and other stuff on my journey. This site is a temporary experiment. Eventually releasing book(s) and new website(s) and potentially making this website irrelevant.

My preferred communication channel is Telegram. www.telegram.me/sustainablejoy

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I also have a private Telegram channel with more personal updates for trusted friends and followers. Reach out on Telegram if this is you.

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